Research has shown that as little as 10% of classroom style training survives the journey back to the workplace, hence the phrase ‘building sandcastles.’

Whereas, workshop learn-by-doing exercises and simulations, dramatically increases retention and application of key learning points.

Taster workshop

Our taster workshops give individuals the opportunity to learn and practice communication skills in a friendly, non-judgmental environment and are recommended for anyone who is looking to develop effective communication tools.

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What participants say…

Act Naturally in partnership with the Yahoo! Sales Academy has run ‘Effective Presentations’ workshops across Europe, here is what the participants have been saying:

Excellent, no boring bits, writing or PowerPoints…..”

“In my 15 years working, this is the best course I’ve been on. I’ve learnt so much to help me progress…”

“Good mixture of theory & practical something different to the standard training…”

“Really enjoyable, even the role-plays weren’t as bad as other workshops I have done…”

“Gave labels to ideas that I was only unconsciously aware of…  “